Ghazi  Darkazalli , Ph D, PE

Ghazi Darkazalli , Ph D, PE

President & CEO, Novaray Provost, Florida Polytechnic University

Ghazi is president and CEO of Novaray and provost at Florida Polytechnic University. A senior executive and educator with more than 30 years in business and academic settings, ee is recognized as a pioneer in the solar energy industry. His diverse background includes corporate start-ups, public offerings, joint ventures, technology transfer, strategic planning, and energy utilization policies for institutional and rural development.

He has extensive experience in photovoltaics, wind energy, semiconductors, and other renewable energy industries. He consults the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and has formulated long-term plans for the development of policy and strategy to use renewable energy in rural development in non-electrified regions of the world. He is a fellow member of the Mechanical Engineering Society.