Auston  Van Slyke

Auston Van Slyke

Program Director

Auston is the Program Director for Wind Energy Technology. He was a Staff Sergeant in the Marines where he specialized in communication and weapon systems upgrades to AV-8B Harrier jets. After being recruited by Vestas as a resource technician, he traveled around the U.S. and Canada working on the world's largest wind turbines.

A trailblazer in the industry, Auston performed repairs that had never before been attempted. After gaining enough technical experience, he helped start up a wind turbine maintenance company. As a hiring manager, he had a hard time finding candidates with the right mix of technical skills. He then entered the field of education to help fill this need in the wind industry.

Auston helped Redstone College develop their wind energy curriculum. After leaving Redstone College, he came to Ecotech Institute where he has taught wind turbine fundamentals, wind turbine systems, troubleshooting, fluid power, wind safety and industrial and residential wiring. He has helped improve these courses by creating new labs and custom textbooks.

He says, "I am very passionate about being part of an industry that is not only good for my local economy but also the world."

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