Don  Smith

Don Smith

Program Director

Don has BS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Automation. Additionally, he completed the United States Navy’s Nuclear Power Program as an Electronics Technician. He is an accomplished Electronic Engineer with over 20 years of relevant experience.

Since 1995, he has served in a variety of educational roles at Ecotech Institute, ITT Technical Institute and Tidewater Tech including instructor, program chair, and program director.

He also worked as a Reactor Controls Electronic Technician for the United States Navy and has 9+ years’ experience as a Reactor Operator and 8+ years as a SRO. He has achieved numerous awards throughout his career in both the Nuclear and Education fields.

Current projects include: Renewable energy grid systems made possible by two-way communication technology and computer processing to balance load, power generation, power storage and retrieval while maintaining a strict power budget allowance achieved by maximizing efficiencies.

Donald lives in Strasburg, Colorado. He enjoys tinkering with electrical and electronic automation projects, computer programming, off-grid and on-grid wind/solar projects, and fishing.