Power Utility Technician

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Ecotech Institute's Power Utility Technician degree program provides students with the training necessary to pursue opportunities in utility technician careers, including power plant operations and electrical line work.

What will you learn in our Power Utility Technician degree program?

Whether on a conventional grid or smart grid, the energy world is getting greener, so those with training in clean energy are positioned for the future. In the meantime, controlling and maintaining the systems that generate and distribute electric power as a power plant operator or lineworker requires specialized training.

We worked with employers and other experts in the field to develop a training program that prepares graduates to work in utility technician careers, with an emphasis on power plant operations and maintenance. While learning the fundamentals of electricity and clean energy generation, students receive immersive, hands-on training that helps them understand electric utility distribution systems, grid and smart grid.

Students learn clean energy and power utility fundamentals in Ecotech Institute's modern laboratories and facilities from instructors who have real-world experience.

Coursework includes:

Professionalism, efficiency, competency, ownership and maturity. These values were highlighted and nurtured into my professional attitude.
Brandon Huckaby

Lineworker, Power Plant Operator and More Utility Careers

Due to employment trends in the power utility industry, there's an opportunity for skilled and motivated workers for the decades ahead.

Upon successful completion of the Power Utility Technician degree program at Ecotech Institute, graduates should be able to apply the fundamentals of power generation to operate and maintain power plants.

Additionally, graduates will be able to apply their knowledge of high voltage systems to maintain and operate grid infrastructure, smart grids and distribution systems, as well as apply the fundamentals of electrical theory to design, build, repair and modify electrical components, circuitry, controls and machinery. The Power Utility Technician program also prepares graduates to apply safety principles and meet industry standards within the electrical engineering, power production and distribution fields.

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