4 Job Hunting Resources for Starting a Career in Renewable Energy

Here are four resources you can use during your job hunt.

1. Join Local Associations

You are a part of a larger community now, so it's important to engage with your peers. There are several organizations and associations with local chapters that you can join to expand your network, keep in touch with what is going on in the industry and, by extension, reach potential employers. Associations you should consider joining include:

2. Attend Networking Events

If you are looking to for job opportunities, it's helpful to mingle well and mingle often. There are a number of events that bring together renewable energy professionals on a regular basis, from meet up groups, like the Metro Denver Colorado Renewable Energy Society, to local annual conferences, like the Solar Power Colorado.

3. Google It

Naturally, the easiest way to search for specific job openings is to go online. There is an endless selection of websites where companies can list information about positions they are looking to fill. Ecotech Institute Director of Career Development Natasha Maier recommends Indeed.com as a good place to start looking for solar and wind energy technician positions, along with other renewable energy jobs.

4. Use Your School's Resources

While it's totally possible to navigate a job search on your own, it never hurts to get some guidance from professionals who specialize in helping you get hired. In addition to directing you toward resources and connecting you with partner companies, they can also help you build out your resume, offer tips for the interview process, and support you on your journey to starting your career. If you are just starting out or are looking to switch jobs, contacting your school or the institution where you received your training is a great option. At Ecotech Institute, the Career Development team has assisted graduates in finding renewable energy jobs with over 130 companies across the United States.

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