5 Traits That Define the Next Renewable Energy Leaders

5 Traits That Define the Next Renewable Energy Leaders

Not only is the new energy economy on the rise, it’s here to stay. But to continue this progress toward using cleaner sources for power, the renewable energy industry needs strong leadership. More and more professionals are joining growing fields like wind energy and solar energy, but the leaders of the shift toward renewable energy possess certain traits that will help drive the industry forward.

1. Knowledge

This might sound like a no-brainer, but working in energy requires technical skills and knowledge to not only be a proficient employee, but also to adapt as technologies grow and change. Renewable energy leaders also need a solid understanding of scientific principles to make sound decisions based on data rather than bias to help move the industry forward.

2. Curiosity

Renewable energy technology is always advancing, and the industry is complex and constantly changing. It takes the curiosity and willingness to step outside of one’s comfort zone to learn about all aspects of the industry, even when certain ideas or concepts seem foreign or unattainable.

3. Ingenuity

The next generation of renewable energy leaders need to be able to think outside of the box and find creative solutions for existing and future obstacles. To build up the renewable energy industry, leaders need to collaborate with others to improve overall results rather than compete against each other and hoard knowledge. And as the industry faces the ongoing challenge of getting buy-in on renewable energy, professionals need to continue to find ways to bring costs down, and channel their creativity to effectively meet customers’ needs.

4. Communication Skills

Beyond the technical skills it takes to work in the industry and find innovative solutions, it also takes strong communication skills to change the current energy culture and explain why renewable energy technology is beneficial to the world. Renewable energy professionals need to be able to build a professional network and make important connections within the industry to be effective leaders in the shift to cleaner energy solutions.

5. Passion

The most important trait a leader can bring to the industry is passion. It takes the endurance to "keep up the fight" in bringing more awareness to the benefits of clean energy technology, the courage to push into uncharted markets, and confidence and enthusiasm to get others excited about the mission to grow the renewable energy industry.

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