6 Renewable Energy and Sustainability-Themed Costumes for Halloween

Six Renewable Energy and Sustainability-Themed Costumes for Halloween

Still trying to decide what you’ll be for Halloween this year? Why not get a little creative and create your own costume with a renewable energy theme? Here are a few ideas that are sure to make you the life of the party.

“Trashy” Halloween Costume: This one is an ironic twist on a cliche concept and a great last-minute costume idea. Attach empty bottles, crumpled paper, and any other stink-free items that could be found in a garbage can. When people ask what you are, tell them it’s your “trashy” Halloween costume. Bonus: Remember to return the pieces of your costume to their rightful location after the holiday has passed — especially recyclable items.

Wind Turbine: This DIY costume is sure to grab people’s attention, and it can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. Use cardboard and paint to create wind turbine blades and attach them to your body. You could also make a smaller turbine and mount it to a hardhat. Bonus: If you know a thing or two about tech, rig your turbine to rotate automatically (and slowly, of course, for safety).

Solar Panel: Like the previous costume idea, this one can be pretty simple. Get some large pieces of cardboard, paint two pieces to look like solar panels, and attach them together with string so you can wear them over your shoulders sandwich board-style. Bonus: Get a friend to dress up like the sun and bask in their glory all night.

Energy Vampire: We all know that leaving appliances plugged in when they aren’t in use is a major drain on electricity. Embrace this punny costume by dressing up in traditional vampire garb, and drape an outlet power strip around your neck. Bonus: Commit to explaining energy efficiency best practices every time someone asks you to explain your costume.

Al Gore: Wear your blandest suit, talk in monotone, and have important facts about the environment to share with other party guests throughout the night. Bonus: Create a series of relevant graphs and charts to display as helpful visuals while you’re in character.

Captain Planet: Superheroes are in this Halloween season, and there is no hero dearer to the hearts of 90’s kids than Captain Planet. Make sure you have enough time to plan this one out — spandex, a green mullet wig, and the perfect shade of blue face paint will take some time to track down. Bonus: Get a group of friends to dress up with like the Planeteers for a fun group costume.

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