A Win for Denver’s Renewable Energy Industry

Denver Green Roof Initiative Passes

On Nov. 9, voters approved Initiative 300, a grassroots initiative that requires all new buildings with large rooftops constructed within the city to have a portion of their roofs covered with either solar panels or vegetation. The rule will also apply to certain existing buildings once their roofs need replacement.

Despite competing against a $250,000 advertising campaign meant to stall the effort, the Denver Green Roof Initiative passed by a 54.29 to 45.71 vote. Overall, a total of 137,917 voted on the I-300 ballot, which is considered a higher-than-usual result for an off-year election.

Going into effect on January 1, 2018, the initiative aims to steer Denver towards a more sustainable approach to development.

As a provider of renewable energy education, Ecotech Institute is ready to help Denver meet the need for skilled individuals who are trained and ready to help install solar panels on as many rooftops as needed.

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