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Noah Gershon - Sunetric, Hawaii

Ecotech Institute Alumnus Noah Gershon

I consider myself very lucky because I love my job. It's engaging, I'm always learning something new, and am getting to use and build upon the skills and knowledge I learned at Ecotech. The classes were so applicable, and contained so much valuable information -- something I couldn't really appreciate until working here!

I'd like to share a little about the solar industry in Hawaii, and the work I do here. Due to the high utility rates in Hawaii (about three times mainland prices), in combination with state and federal incentives, solar PV is popular here. Currently there are 300+ solar PV contractors installing in Hawaii. Sunetric, as one of the larger companies, contracts jobs ranging from residential to commercial and even is involved with large (10MW+) solar farm projects.

Solar has been so successful in Hawaii that the industry here is beginning to hit a wall. Distribution circuits that are not already saturated with PV will be soon, meaning the electric utility in some places can't handle any more PV and will not allow it to be installed. There is simply no one to use the energy. Smart grids and energy storage methods will need to be employed for solar PV installations to continue. That's where I come in. I have had the privilege of working with our company's professional engineer to help solve the problem of grid saturation so that the solar industry may continue to flourish in Hawaii. I was able to get into this exciting and rewarding position because of my experience at Ecotech, specifically my knowledge of control theory, analog and digital electronics, and especially programmable logic controllers (PLC's), which I now program and use extensively.

I am so grateful to Ecotech's amazing teachers and staff for making this possible for me. If there's any way my experience could prove useful to current students, or any other way I could give back, please don't hesitate to ask. I would love for a chance to show my gratitude and help others achieve their goals.

What a relief to know that the Career Development Department will always be available! Thank you for upholding this and for reaching out to to let us know. I have always been impressed with your professionalism and level of commitment to us as students. The fact that we, as graduates, have not been forgotten or ignored is huge. And I am thrilled to see that Ecotech continues to be the quality institution that I graduated from over a year ago.