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Ashley Perales, Electrical Engineering Technology

Found a Practical Way to Share a Passion for Renewable Energy

"I'm passionate about spreading knowledge to people about the industry, about renewables, because I don't think enough people understand what kind of situation we're in in the world and I want to have that knowledge so that I can share it with them.

I think that anybody can do what we're doing here, women or men, and I think that I've gotten a lot of respect from the men that work here, even ones that have been in construction for years, because they see that I'm catching on just as quickly as they are and it's not impossible for a woman to be in this field. I think there is a little bit more stress on women because, out in the field, we might be the only woman on the job, but as long as we know our stuff, which we're learning here at Ecotech, then we're going to impress them and we're going to get that respect.

My oldest is seven years old and he is just really passionate about the environment. I know that that's something that's pure because it comes from a child and he doesn't talk that, he just feels it. I'll walk him to school and he'll see trash on the ground and he'll cry and he'll wonder why people are so mean to Mother Earth. That touches my heart. That shows me that I'm in the right place."