What are the qualifications for an entry-level wind technician versus a senior-level wind technician?

Auston Van Slyke Senior v. Entry Level Tech

At Ecotech Institute, we pride ourselves in providing the training students need to accelerate their careers in renewable energy. There are entry-level positions someone could get without a diploma, but they may not get promoted without one.

In the wind energy industry, an entry-level position as a wind technician will require at least a few days of training before being allowed to work. This training is usually provided by the employer.

In a senior-level position, one is expected to have certain technical skills and knowledge, which takes a long time to learn and develop. A senior-level wind technician will also be expected to teach these skills to their apprentice.

Here are the qualifications employers expect from an entry-level wind technician:

  • First Aid, CPR, AED
  • Wind Turbine Authorized Climber/Rescuer
  • NFPA70E Electrical Safety Boundaries, LOTO and PPE
  • CAT and ATPV Safety Rating
  • Multimeter Operations
  • Wind Turbine Systems and Controls
  • Component Identification
  • Physical tests

Qualifications employers have for senior-level wind technicians include the ability to teach all of the above, plus:

  • Knowledge of how to properly use multimeters, electrical and hydraulic schematics, calipers, micrometers, laser alignments, hydraulic torque tools, tap and die, mega ohmmeter, amp clamp, wire repair tools, grease gun, bore scope, vibration analysis, oil analysis, cranes and rigging
  • Ability to test and troubleshoot electric motors, contactor, VFD, rectifier, encoder, hydraulics, thyristor, power quality, slip ring, power supply, PLC, SCADA, fuse, circuit breaker, LVRT, capacitor, grounding and bonding, fiberglass blades, gears and bearings

At Ecotech Institute, our program is designed to prepare students to become a senior wind technician within one to two years with an diploma in wind energy technology. For someone without this training and diploma, it may take four to 10 years to become a senior-level wind technician.

Auston Van Slyke is Program Director of Wind Energy Technology at Ecotech Institute.

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