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Debunking Myths and Expanding the U.S. Wind Energy Industry: Recent Updates in Wind News

Change is always blowing in the wind energy industry. Here are three new advances in wind energy technology from the past couple of months.

Wind Engineering Technicians are in luck: offshore wind farms are coming to the U.S.
Offshore wind energy farms are common in Europe but only on their way in the U.S. Photo credit: CGP Grey.

One of the myths about wind energy has been that they need to be replaced more frequently than traditional energy sources. A British study has found that’s simply not true, says Wind turbines only need to be upgraded or replaced every 25 years – making their lifespan comparable to more traditional gas turbines.

Of course, to make wind energy careers sustainable, wind turbine technicians need something else to do if they’re not repairing wind turbines. Not to worry: wind energy is booming. In fact, industry experts are predicting that wind energy will account for 30% of new renewables globally by 2030. In fact, wind energy has grown 50x since 1996, says a recent report from E, The Environmental Magazine.

But don’t worry; you won’t have to move to Europe or Asia to get a job in wind energy (unless you want to!). There are a growing careers for wind energy technicians here in the U.S., especially since the United States will be building its first offshore wind farm in the near future, probably by 2016. According to an article in CleanTechnica, Cape Wind off the shore of Cape Cod is likely to get off the ground in the next couple of years after a recent round of funding from Danish agency EKF. Other offshore wind energy projects are in the works in Oregon and Maryland.

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