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Shawn Sanders - Account Executive, Wind Energy Business at Dingo

Ecotech Alumnus Shawn Sanders

After graduating from Ecotech I definitely wanted to work in the wind industry however, I didn't see myself working as a technician. I wanted to work on the business side of the industry. I wanted to use my mind rather than my back to make a living, that's why I chose my current career path.

Dingo and Ecotech Institute currently have a partnership and I learned about Dingo and about their software in one of my wind classes. After I graduated I saw a job posting for an executive position with Dingo and I thought I would give it a shot. After months of meetings and interviews I finally landed the position. It's the most fulfilling job I've ever had.

There were many other highly qualified applicants who applied for my job. The thing that set me apart was the technical knowledge I gained from Ecotech. It's amazing that I gained a position that required a master's degree and I did it with an associate's degree from Ecotech Institute.

The only advice I can give those who want to get into the industry is to be patient and persistent. There are a lot of jobs out there in this industry but in order to get the one you really want you have to be flexible. You can't be scared to accept a position to gain experience so you can get that next position you really want down the road.