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Ecotech Institute instructor Carr honored with teaching award

Pictured: ECA CEO Tom Moore, ECA Excellence in Teaching Award winner Tonya Dumas and ECA Sr. VP of Academic Operations Dr. Sara Lawhorne

Pictured: ECA CEO Tom Moore(left) with the ECA Excellence in Teaching Award winners that were in attendance

In a presentation on December 7 in Birmingham, Ala., Education Corporation of America (ECA) named Sarah Carr as the Ecotech Institute winner of the ECA Excellence in Teaching Award.

Ms. Carr is an instructor at Ecotech Institute in Denver, CO.

The ECA Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes and rewards instructors who have demonstrated innovation and excellence in teaching. The award is open to any nominated Program Director or full-time, part-time or adjunct instructor from ECA-affiliated schools including Virginia College, Virginia College Online Programs, Golf Academy of America, New England College of Business and Finance (NECB) and Ecotech Institute.

President/CEO Tom Moore and Chief Academic Officer Sara Lawhorne presented Tonya Dumas, an instructor at Virginia College in Huntsville, with the system-wide award, the highest honor that ECA can bestow upon an instructor.

Other campus-level award winners for 2012 are:

Golf Academy of America in Orlando
J.D. Thoms

Golf Academy of America in Phoenix
R.J. Lancaster

Golf Academy of America in San Diego
Kevin Connole

New England College of Business and Finance
Richard Rowe

Virginia College in Augusta
Pamela Reynolds

Virginia College in Austin
Richard Brown

Virginia College in Baton Rouge
Gail Williams

Virginia College in Birmingham
Brenda McCullar

Virginia College in Columbia
Lisa Littlejohn

Virginia College in Columbus
Cynthia Rollins

Virginia College in Greenville
Angela Heck

Virginia College in Jackson
Margaret Jones

Virginia College in Jacksonville
Cindy Himmelhaver

Virginia College in Macon
Nichole McLin

Virginia College in Mobile
Tiffany Moore

Virginia College in Pensacola
Jo Finn

Virginia College in Richmond
Patricia McGuire-Thorpe

Virginia College in Savannah
Krystal Goodwin

Virginia College in Spartanburg
Michele Bennett