Ecotech Institute Instructor Laura Bruns Brews Up Clean Water Curriculum & Beer

When Ecotech Institute instructor Laura Bruns isn't guiding her students through environmental policy lectures, she's brewing up the next great beer that Factotum Brewhouse will feature in its taproom. Laura and her brother, Chris, opened Factotum in February 2015.

Laura and Chris Bruns. Factotum Brewhouse

Images: Laura and Chris Bruns/Factotum Brewhouse

After receiving a bachelor's degree in environmental policy and master's in science and math curriculum from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Laura went on to teach math and science at the high school level. She eventually found Ecotech Institute and took the opportunity to teach environmental policy to students seeking a career in the renewable energy industry.

In addition to teaching at Ecotech Institute, Laura exercises her love of beer and teaching with brewing education classes at Factotum Brewhouse in Denver, which she operates with Chris.

"A good teacher is capable of teaching anything they're passionate about," Laura says. "Teaching is a skill and teachers are often motivated by those ‘a-ha' moments, when you can see the student begin to connect the dots. Whether I'm teaching about water resources or a different style of beer, I always strive and thrive on that ‘a-ha' moment. And, coincidentally, water issues and brewery operations overlap quite a bit."

"My career advice is to follow your passion," she adds. "Life's too short not to go for it and see what happens."

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