Is a career in solar energy right for you?

Napoleon Dynamite said, "Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills." Solar energy companies are just the same. Lots of people get into solar energy because they can't stand working at a desk all day, they want to be in charge of their own schedule and they want a job that makes a difference. But, without the right skills none of that other stuff can happen. This is what it takes to be in the solar energy industry.


Mechanical Skills

All those years of taking apart electronics just to put them back together again will finally pay off. Those interested in joining the solar squad must like working with complex electrical and mechanical equipment.

Safety Skills

Knowing how to open and put on a Band-Aid isn't going to cut it. Learning and being able to apply safety training, like first aid and CPR, is a must.

Basic Math Skills

What's 2+2? Those who said 3 wouldn't last long in this field. Solar professionals often have to do some basic math while doing a job.

Physical Strength

Working in this field doesn't require Incredible Hulk-level strength, but since solar installers need to be able to lift panels, heavy equipment, parts, and tools being able to lift at least to 40 pounds is a requirement.

Physical Stamina

It's not just about strength! Working in solar also means working on your feet, carrying panels and other heavy equipment, as well climbing ladders throughout the day.


Customer Service Skills

People skills are incredibly important in solar, especially when working with homeowners. Those in solar are expected to be professional and complete their work on time.


A solar installation can be pretty complicated. It's important to carefully follow instructions and pay attention to details to make sure the system works without a hitch.

Critical Thinking Skills

In a pinch, solar professionals often have to weigh the pros and cons of solutions.

Communication Skills

Working in solar isn't just about technical knowhow – part of the job is being able to communicate well with teammates, the boss and even the client through writing and speaking.

Collaboration Skills

No one likes to work with someone who isn't a team player. Solar professionals work well alone and in teams.

Work Ethic

Show up on time and ready to work! A strong work ethic is important in the industry!