Is a wind energy career right for you?

If the idea of going to work at a traditional desk job sounds boring then it might be time to consider another career option. Lots of people work in wind not only because it gets them outdoors, but also because they find the work challenging and fun. Interested in joining them out there? This is what it takes to be in the wind energy industry.


Mechanical Skills

A wind turbine is like a helicopter turned on its side. The same skills needed to fix the transmission of a helicopter – or a car – can be used to repair a wind turbine.

Computer Skills

Are you always on the phone helping others troubleshoot computer issues? Those computer skills will come in handy. Those in wind work with computers and programmable logic control systems.

Safety Skills

Knowing how to open and put on a Band-Aid isn't going to cut it. Learning and being able to apply safety training, like first aid and CPR, is a must.

Basic Math Skills

Wind professionals often have to do some basic math while doing a job.

Unafraid of Heights and Confined Spaces

Rock climbers are a natural fit for this field. Some tower ladders are up to 260 feet or higher and wind technicians need to confidently climb high and do repairs in tight spaces.

Physical Strength

Being the county arm wrestling champ isn't a requirement, but having the strength to lift heavy objects is useful. Especially since wind professionals have to climb with heavy tools and equipment sometimes weighing up to 45 pounds.

Physical Stamina

It's not just about strength! Working in wind means climbing high, often with tools and equipment, to reach the turbines.


Problem Solving Skills

There's not always one answer for wind technicians, often they need to be able to figure out problems by determining the cause and then make the necessary repairs.

Communication Skills

Working in wind isn't just about technical knowhow – part of the job is being able to communicate well with teammates, the boss and even the client through writing and speaking.

Collaboration Skills

No one likes to work with someone who isn't a team player. Wind professionals work well alone and in teams.


Show up on time and ready to work! A strong work ethic is important in the industry!