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John Wiseman, Energy Efficiency

Found a Degree Program that Permits Creative Thinking

"I didn't want to be one of a million. I wanted to have an opportunity where I can learn to use my hands and my knowledge and apply it to something where I can give back to my community and maybe the environment. And that's why I chose Ecotech.

They really promote original thinkers, which I felt is really important for a school like this, being that we're kind of the foundation of a growing industry and brand new opportunities. Doors are opening. And at those times, that's when it's most important to be an open thinker and to think creatively. These are things that I felt immediately from the first day that I walked in. They're open to imagination.

The students are a huge aspect to the educational process here. We work with each other every day, before school and after school and it's really an open forum in terms of our thought process and our learning process. A lot of our students, my fellow classmates, have really learned sometimes better from each other than we have the teachers and that's great to know that that's not only promoted but it's encouraged.

I'm told every day by numerous people that green energy, energy efficiency--that's where you need to be and there are signs everywhere that show where our world, our society is moving to. Right now we are on the front lines. It's not built yet. It's not erected. We are, in fact, the original foundations of what will be a world-changing experience."