Joshua Sykes - Electronic Test Tech, Advanced Energy

I graduated from the EET program in fall 2014 and started as an Electronic Test Tech at Advanced Energy in Fort Collins 3 months ago. It has been going well.

I am testing and calibrating their RF generators in a lab setting. They range 1.5kw/208v/50ohm to 5.5kw 3k 2 pin Diodes. They operate at a 13.5 mhz frequency for power supply applications of thin film. I have had a blast the last few months learning here and getting my Apex certification a couple weeks ago.

I get to work at component level some and I am already troubleshooting units that fail calibration, for example, new measurement boards, replaced resistors, testing with analog boards, digital, etc. I have replaced mother boards already – and the best part, everything is highly accurate and within a specific tolerance and specification, which I enjoy very much.

As I reflect about my time at Ecotech Institute, and the obstacles I had, I am very grateful I pressed through and with their help, it helped to build the foundation with the education needed to be where I am now.