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New Equipment Gives Hands On Experience Where Needed

New simulators promote hands-on experience for power utility students

Ecotech Institute has always prided itself on providing students with real world learning opportunities. Students considering degrees in the power utility, renewable energy or residential energy management industry can now find unprecedented access to the latest technology in the field with power equipment modules and training equipment.

Ready for any scenario

The Power Utility Technician (PUT) program prepares students for energy efficiency careers in installation, maintenance and improvement of the nation’s power supply. Recently the college installed a boiler simulator and a combustion simulator. The installation of a smart grid simulator, a transformer and switch gear simulator, and a grid training module are scheduled for the start of the summer term.

These energy efficiency training modules will prepare power utility students to work in a power generation station and provide them exposure to the basic operations and functions encountered in a power plant. The two modules currently installed simulate operations that are critical in the production of steam and energy used to create electricity. The new power utility technician training lab equipment uses simulated lab exercises that accurately present various types of scenarios and configurations found in the power generation industries.

Trained with the latest equipment

Ecotech also recently installed Graymark Weatherization Equipment to train and prepare Residential Energy Management (REM) students. Students will use a diagnostic house to learn how to properly use test equipment like a blower door, infrared camera, combustion gas analyzer, carbon monoxide analyzer, radiation detector and other key pieces necessary for residential energy auditing.

This hands-on test equipment also allows students to practice for the Building Performance Institute (BPI) certification exam. The college had to use offsite locations to teach these skills in the past. By bringing the equipment in house students now have the opportunity to have in-class instruction and practical hands-on experience for BPI training.

Prepared for today’s workforce

An aging infrastructure and constant innovation in the green industry requires young professionals to both maintain and expand the workforce. Adapting new technologies in the teaching and learning will truly benefit Ecotech Institute students as they prepare to enter the field.