NRDC Highlights Ecotech Institute’s Role in Colorado Wind Energy

NRDC Highlights Ecotech Institute's Role in Colorado Wind Energy

Ecotech Institute was recently featured in an article examining the ongoing growth of Colorado’s wind energy job market. Titled, “The Job Market Is Spinning for Colorado’s New Wind Workforce,” the piece was produced by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a nonprofit international environmental organization focused on protecting the air, the water, and the wild.

The article highlights Andrew Pruitt, an Ecotech Institute graduate, who is now one of more than 60,000 professionals employed by Colorado’s clean energy sector. Pruitt, 22, was once training to become a motorcycle technician, but then he signed up for Ecotech Institute’s specially designed wind program classes and has never looked back.

Ecotech Institute’s Wind Energy Technology Director Auston Van Slyke was also quoted in the story. Van Slyke, who was one of Pruitt’s instructors, highlighted the growing demand for wind technicians, and how Ecotech Institute plans to expand its current wind energy programs based on the increased student interest.

Read the full version of the article for more.

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