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Renewable energy industry news roundup: April 10–17, 2016

Renewable energy industry news roundup: April 10–17, 2016

Image: Dave Parker/CC BY 3.0

Colorado and California lead in wind energy and solar energy, Ford announces green initiatives, and 130 nations will sign the Paris climate change accord on Earth Day. Read these stories and more in this week's news roundup:

Colorado set national records for wind generation last year

According to the American Wind Energy Association Wind, farms in Colorado broke national records when they generated 54% of Xcel Energy's total electricity for two 24-hour periods in October. Colorado wind power is rising with 1,880 huge turbines erected across the prairie, twisting white blades as long as soccer fields, a cleaner source of energy replacing fossil fuels.

San Diego No. 2 in nation for solar

Solar installations in San Diego have grown 76.6 percent in two years, making the city the metropolitan area with the second-highest number of solar panels in the country, according to a report released by an environmental group.

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Ford announces plans for green Michigan facilities

Ford's massive update of its Dearborn, Michigan, headquarters and product operations will include sustainable features such as solar panels, geothermal heating, rainwater capture and spaces that encourage employees to walk and bike

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Obama to score big win on Earth Day

More than 130 nations have pledged to sign the Paris climate change accord on Earth Day when the signing ceremony begins at United Nations headquarters in New York. The number of signatures would secure ratification of the global deal in one day, achieving a key objective of President Obama's final year in office.

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Why fighting climate change won't destroy the economy

As the reality of human-caused climate change has become harder to deny, opponents of climate action have adopted a new talking point. Replacing fossil fuels with clean energy, they say, would devastate the American economy, sending electricity prices through the roof, forcing people to abandon their cars and putting millions of people out of work.

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