Renewable energy industry news roundup: Aug. 23–30, 2015

Renewable energy industry news roundup: August 23–30, 2015

In recent renewable energy news, President Obama is traveling the country discussing the importance of the Clean Power Plan, particularly solar energy in Las Vegas, and families around the world are going off the grid.

Could you go off-grid?

If you’re thinking of kissing your power company goodbye, you’ll need to be energy conscious and willing to make some lifestyle changes.

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Obama flies to the Nevada desert to promote solar energy

President Obama discussed his Clean Power Plan and the importance of solar energy at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas.

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SunEdison solar bid for Xcel beats all comers, including natural gas

SunEdison, the world’s biggest renewable energy developer, has begun construction of a massive 156 MW solar installation project in Colorado. The output will feed Xcel energy and the power will cost less than any other source available in the state

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