Renewable energy industry news roundup: July 26-Aug. 2, 2015

Renewable energy industry news roundup: July 26-August 2, 2015

Image: Andrew Hitchcock/CC-BY-1.0

This week in renewable energy news, a new study suggests benefits from combining California and Wyoming's wind energy and solar energy as Fortune 500 companies such as Apple and Coca-Cola join the White House's climate change pledge.

Reshaping the solar spectrum to turn light to electricity

California researchers find a way to use the infrared region of the sun's spectrum to make solar cells more efficient.

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Apple, Walmart, Coca-Cola, others commit to White House climate change pledge

Over a dozen Fortune 500 companies have signed a pledge, organized by the White House, to take measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions and invest in clean energy.

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UW study demonstrates benefits of pairing Wyoming and California wind

A new University of Wyoming study further demonstrates that combining the strengths of Wyoming wind with California wind and solar will reduce the intermittency of renewable energy and smooth the power supply, leading to benefits for utilities and energy consumers alike.

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Van Jones: Super-charge the solar power boom

Van Jones, president of Dream Corps and Rebuild The Dream, and former green jobs adviser to Barack Obama discusses the solar power boom in America and how Americans can see the benefits of clean energy.

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