Renewable energy news roundup: June 13–19, 2016

Tropical island countries that are the most threatened by climate change could become the first 100 percent renewable nations, the cost of wind-generated electricity is cheaper than ever before and Wyoming's wind energy taxes could bring North America's largest wind farm plans to a halt. Read these stories and more in this week's renewable energy news roundup.

Toyota goes 100 percent renewables in Texas

Toyota's North American headquarters are moving to Texas. That is, moving into a 2.1 million square foot space powered almost entirely by renewable energy. Priority Power Management (PPM), a Texas-based independent energy management and consulting services firm, has been working with Toyota to help plan the electrical needs of the new headquarters using renewable power.

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Small tropical islands could become the world's first 100 percent renewable nations

World leaders have been discussing urgent climate action for years, yet renewable energy achievements have been limited. In April 2016, 15 nations ratified the Paris climate agreement and 13 of those nations were tropical island states. The tropical island nations are the most threatened by climate change, but with impressive developments in the sustainable energy sector and plenty of wind and sun energy to harness, these nations could transition to 100 percent renewable energy systems before the rest of the world.

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U.S. wind industry highlights 66 percent drop in costs of wind generated electricity

The U.S. wind industry celebrated the 10th annual Global Wind Day last week with the exciting news that U.S. wind-generated electricity is cheaper than ever before. According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), the cost of wind-generated electricity in the United States has dropped by 66 percent over the past six years. This means that wind energy is “on sale” in the United States. Additionally, AWEA noted that the U.S. wind industry has played a major role in the country's employment figures. There are 88,000, and counting, well-paying positions in this industry, making wind turbine technician the fastest growing profession in the United States.

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Wyoming's wind tax debate puts plans for biggest North American wind farm in doubt

For nine years, Power Company of Wyoming (PWC) has been working towards developing the largest wind farm in North America, but Wyoming's legislative debate about raising wind energy taxes has put PWC's project at risk. Wyoming is one of the few states that taxes wind generation. A raise in the wind tax would help Wyoming manage a budget shortfall. PWC plans to put construction plans on hold while the state decides whether or not wind taxes will be raised.

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