Renewable energy industry news roundup: Oct. 18 - 25, 2015

In this week's renewable energy news update, GM looks to Mexico for wind energy, tech companies invest big in clean energy initiatives around the world, and the American Wind Energy Association releases their latest market summary.

Image: Robbie Shade, "Googleplex", Flickr /CC BY 2.0

Google is supporting yet another huge clean energy project in Africa

The company will be acquiring a 12.5 percent stake in Africa's largest wind-power project – Google's second huge clean energy investment in two years.

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Solar-powered ‘energy positive' family car to race in Australia

Dutch students from the Eindhoven University of Technology have produced a solar-powered, ‘energy positive' family car scheduled to compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

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Why and how GM bought Mexican wind power

Renewable energy has, over time, proven to be a good investment. See why GM's investment in Mexican wind power is supporting construction, saving money, and looking to the future.

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Time Warner Cable sets 2016 goal to reduce carbon intensity by 30%

From fuel-efficient vehicles to LEED certifications, Time Warner Cable Inc. has announced a goal to reduce the company's carbon intensity by 30% by the end of 2016.

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Wind industry installed over 1,600 MW of capacity in Q3 2015

The American Wind Energy Association recently released its latest market summary.

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Apple tackles supply-chain emissions with clean energy initiative in China

The tech giant has big solar plans in China, where renewable energy continues to struggle with curtailment issues.

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Embracing electric transportation in Juneau, Alaska

Tourism is bringing more people (and pollution) to Alaska. Is clean electric transportation the answer?

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