Renewable Energy Industry News Roundup: Oct. 24-30, 2016

Renewable Energy Industry News Roundup: Oct. 24-30, 2016
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Elon Musk reveals Tesla’s new innovative solar roof tiles, U.S. wind power share surpasses 10 percent in 11 states, and Danish company Dong Energy reaches an impressive milestone for offshore wind turbine installation. Read these stories and more in this week’s renewable energy news roundup.

Tesla Unveils its New Line of Camouflaged Solar Panels

At a recent event in Los Angeles, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the company’s new solar roof system — a range of textured glass tiles with integrated solar cells that are nearly indistinguishable from conventional tiling — along with a sleek update to Tesla’s energy-storing Powerwall. “We need to make solar panels as appealing as electric cars have become,” Musk said. He wants to make every roof solar, by making it irresistible. “It needs to be beautiful, affordable, and seamlessly integrated. If all of those things are true, why would you go any other direction?” However, Musk has yet to provide details on pricing, availability, or the installation process.

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EIA: Wind Power Share Surpassed 10 Percent in 11 States Last Year

Wind generation is a growing share of the United States energy mix, with 11 states using the clean energy resource for more than 10 percent of their power, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. According to the EIA, wind energy has increased in the United States each year since 2001, supplying 4.7 percent of the country's overall generation last year. Iowa, South Dakota and Kansas have the largest wind power shares in the nation, all over 20 percent.

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4 of 5 U.S. Voters Want Step-Up of Renewable Energy

The seventh annual Sense & Sustainability Study of U.S. adults by G&S Business Communications has found that about four of every five Americans (78 percent) say the next U.S. president should quickly prioritize renewable energy. Additionally, the report found that 85 percent of Americans see themselves benefiting from alternatives to conventional power utilities, including distributed energy resources such as rooftop solar and wind.

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