Industry watch: Three Reasons Energy Efficiency Will Rock the World

Energy efficiency has the potential to rock our world - and in a big way. According to the Department of Energy, optimizing energy use can save families hundreds of dollars on their heating and cooling bills in the first year. Collectively, it has reduced the nation's energy bills by more than $2 billion annually.

Bringing it a little closer to home, the Energy Resource Center said that even a simple Energy Star light bulb could save a family $40 before it needs to be replaced. That's enough to buy at least three large pizzas! Regardless of how those savings are spent, becoming energy efficient can translate to saving some big bucks.


Energy efficiency can often be overshadowed by the better-known solar and wind technologies. But make no mistake; energy efficiency is a key player in the renewable energy game.

Of course, installing solar panels on a home is awesome; apart from looking cool they can generate a significant amount of energy. But, if homeowners don't evaluate energy use, they will be using the same amount of energy and won't necessarily be more efficient.

Are you wondering what steps can be taken to make a home more energy efficient? Just ask Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. While their 22,000 square-foot home may not be the most eco-friendly use of space, they did install a bunch of energy-efficient features like rainwater recycling systems and energy-efficient lighting and appliances.


The commercial sector is a huge potential area of growth for this industry. With commercial buildings accounting for 19% of the energy consumed in the United States, companies are owning up to the big part they play in conserving energy.

Not only are companies realizing that being more energy efficient is the socially responsible route, they are seeing that adopting green practices can save them money in the long run - despite the increased expenses they'll have upfront. Investing in things like low flush toilets or installing a new lighting system can cost a pretty penny, but has the overall potential to improve their bottom line.


New technology is making it a lot easier for anyone to become more efficient. An example is Essess's use of thermal imaging technology. And, cool apps like Green Outlet, which tells the user which appliances use the most electricity, can help people be more efficient at the touch of a button.

The growing popularity of energy efficiency, with the help of technology, is helping people realize how easy it is to use energy more wisely, which helps the world become more sustainable.