Ecotech Institute Students Awarded Prestigious Scholarship by WRISE


Bottom Left to Right: Jackie Brumbaugh, Tiana Ortega, and Brooke Lorwey-Mora at the WRISE award luncheon.

We are excited to report that three of Ecotech Institute’s female wind energy technology students were recently awarded 2017 Wind at Our Backs Scholarships by Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy (WRISE), an organization that promotes the education, professional development, and advancement of women in the renewable energy economy.

Only six Wind at Our Backs Scholarships were awarded this year, and Ecotech Institute’s Jackie Brumbaugh, Tiana Ortega and Brooke Lorwey-Mora were among the distinguished students.

The scholarship recipients were selected based on students’ track records of academic success, work and volunteer experience, and strong potential for future contributions to the nation’s renewable energy community.

The award ceremony took place at WRISE’s Annual Luncheon during AWEA’s WINDPOWER Conference and Exhibition in Anaheim, California in late May.

“I found out about WRISE (formerly WoWE) while doing a search for scholarships for women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs,” says Lorwey-Mora.

Brooke is studying to be a wind turbine technician, one of the nation’s fastest growing occupation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. She says that she has always been passionate about renewable energy, and her recent trip to WRISE’s Annual Luncheon and AWEA’s WINDPOWER Conference only made that passion stronger:

“The expo was enlightening to learn how many different types of companies contribute to the creation of a wind farm,” she says. “There were several speeches and sessions by people important to the wind community that were not only educational but also encouraging.”

She adds: “The luncheon was definitely encouraging in terms of potential career opportunities, and spurred many people in different companies to approach all of us scholarship winners. After that, I was incredibly busy talking to potential employers and networking with men and women from several different companies. I met some amazing women in the wind industry as a result of the luncheon.”

Careerwise, Lorwey-Mora wants to parallel her technician experience with getting an EIT (engineer in training) at a wind company. Then, she wants to take her expertise in the field and use it in the design process for newer and better turbines.

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