[VIDEO] Students Build a Solar Phone Charger

Ecotech Institute students recently built an energy storage box that will pull from solar energy to charge four cell phones at a time. They used a milk crate and solar panel to create the box. Ecotech Institute Solar Energy Technology Program Director Christopher Janin supervised the project.

Many of the students do solar projects outside of school, as well.

“Projects like this are a way for us to get our hands dirty together,” says Aaron, an Ecotech Institute student. He explains that answers aren’t given to them, so it’s important to look for the right ideas.

“Everything builds in engineering. It’s all conceptual math. You just use your imagination to think of everything that can happen, and then piece it together to create something,” says Aaron's classmate Christopher.

Another student, David, adds, “Anytime we can do projects like this, it’s great.” They all agree that they love renewable energy and how much better it is for the planet. The students appreciate that Ecotech Institute is teaching them about alternatives to using fossil fuels.

“We’re trying to stop the damage that we’ve been doing for so long,” Aaron says.

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