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The Coming Solar Job Boom and More News

New advances in solar energy technology are coming.
New advances in solar energy technology are coming.

Although recent reports have stated that investment in solar energy has decreased since 2011, the solar energy industry is poised to boom, says David Glenn at CleanTechnica. Since the overall cost of solar power has dropped 60% since the start of 2011, advancements in solar technology are becoming more and more efficient and more people are choosing solar energy for their homes and businesses. As Glenn writes, "Solar power may be old news, but its news that residents around the world are finally starting to embrace."

More efficient solar energy technologies are transforming the industry every day. Check out these new solar energy advancements, courtesy of new photovoltaic cells that greatly reduce solar energy production costs, solar cells that can convert up to 24.4 percent of sunlight into electricity, and wholly organic PV cells that have improved efficiency.

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