[INFOGRAPHIC] The Rise of Eco-Friendly Golf Courses: GolfOnline Tees Up a Growing Trend

Golf courses are known for their nice greens, but that comes at a cost. In fact, the average golf course uses 50 million gallons of water per year to maintain its landscaping, according to an infographic from GolfOnline. To counteract this, more than 150 national golf associations have agreed to make sustainability a forefront initiative.

Eco-friendly golf courses

The infographic also highlights the importance of paying attention to water use and sustainability measures. It also looks at current efforts and the opportunities facing golf today.

Here are some key takeaways about sustainability and the golf industry:

  • Some larger golf courses are looking to use solar energy and other renewable energy such as wind power, to reduce their carbon footprints
  • More and more golf courses are using technology to improve water use
  • California will require golf courses to cut water

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