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We're now accepting applications for the POWER UTILITY TECHNICIAN Program!

We're now taking applications for Ecotech's new two-year Power Utility Technician degree program! This program, which will launch in October, will help fill a need in the power utility sector as a number of power utility technicians are retiring from the field and highly trained employees are in demand. Ecotech has responded to this need by creating a practical program focused on the ever-changing power utility industry.

With input from subject matter experts who have more than 55 years of combined utility experience, Ecotech designed its Power Utility Technician program to prepare graduates for careers in power generation, with specialization in power plant operations and maintenance. Students will receive immersive and hands-on training that focuses on providing a solid grounding in, and a comprehensive understanding of, electric utility distribution systems, grid and smart grid.

"We are excited about the applicability and cutting-edge nature of this program and are thankful to industry gurus Dan Sachse and Mark Fox for sharing their expertise," says Michael Seifert, president of Ecotech Institute. "Demand is at an all-time high for people who understand the grid and the future of power utilities and we look forward to leading the way in preparing students for jobs in this area."

Ecotech Institute’s modern laboratories and facilities create an ideal environment for students to apply theory learned in the classroom. Graduates will be prepared to become power/utility technicians.

What will I learn in this program?

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be prepared for the opportunity to:

  • Apply the fundamentals of power generation to operate and maintain power plants
  • Apply knowledge of high voltage systems to maintain and operate grid infrastructure, smart grids, and distribution systems
  • Apply the fundamentals of electrical theory and related knowledge to design, build, repair, calibrate and modify electrical components, circuitry, controls and machinery
  • Meet industry standards within the electrical engineering, power production and distribution fields
  • Apply safety principles
  • Coordinate a successful job search with help from Ecotech Institute’s Career Development Department

Ecotech's comprehensive Power Utility Technician program offers a balanced education of soft skills (communication, workplace etiquette), and math and science basics and technology skills, but the educational emphasis is on hands-on, practical training in modern labs.

Ecotech Institute's website outlines each of its programs to help answer common questions such as, "Is this program right for me?", "What will I learn?" and "Why Ecotech?" In addition to offering curriculum information, the site explains what to expect from the program, which skill sets are most desirable for this field of study, and what careers are available in cleantech industries. Ecotech's next round of classes begins in October and applications are always accepted.

What are my next steps?

You have taken the first step already by asking for information. Talk with an Admissions Associate about this dynamic career field, your interests, and the skills you will learn. Discuss with our Financial Planning specialists how you can pay for your education. Tour our new, modern campus and labs. Speak with instructors and program directors. Then make the best decision for your future…and the future of your planet!