What does a Wind Energy Technician do?

What does a Wind Energy Technician do?

In this age of rapid energy use and decreasing natural resources, renewable energy is becoming increasingly important. Wind is one of those clean, renewable energy sources that helps lead the charge. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics wind power is one of the fastest-growing sources of electrical power in the world.

Jobs are Growing

With wind energy growing in popularity, wind turbine jobs are becoming more plentiful. According to the latest data from the American Wind Energy Association (December 2014) there are more than 48,000 operating wind turbines in the United States. This means that the availability of wind turbine jobs is on the rise; but what exactly does a wind turbine technician do?

Wind Industry eBook

Ecotech Institute has put together an eBook that offers an in-depth look at a what a career in wind energy may involve, including job expectations and requirements and employment trends.

Work as a wind technician can be a very rewarding career for anyone who doesn't want a desk job and is invested in creating a cleaner future. For a career as a wind turbine technician, a hands-on wind energy training program is critical.

Training Program

Most programs, like Ecotech Institute's Wind Energy Technology program, are two-year associate's degree programs focused on preparing students for a career in wind energy. Wind technician students get to learn how wind turbines function, troubleshooting and climbing safety. Students also learn how to build a wind turbine from basic parts, wiring and fundamentals of electricity.

People interested in a wind turbine job should be in good physical condition, as the job can require climbing turbine towers, sometimes holding sixty pounds of gear.

With over thirty-nine states hosting utility-scale wind installations and more wind turbines being built all over the country, wind turbine jobs are opening up nation-wide. To learn more about becoming a wind turbine technician visit Ecotech Institute's Wind Energy Technology page.

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