Wind Systems Magazine Spotlights Auston Van Slyke and Ecotech Institute

Wind Energy
Auston Van Slyke

Ecotech Institute’s Program Director, Auston Van Slyke was recently highlighted by Wind Systems Magazine, a monthly publication covering all aspects of the wind energy industry. Published in the magazine’s December 2016 issue, the detailed two-page interview provides an insider’s look into the wind turbine technician job and what makes it one of the fastest-growing professions today.

In his conversation with the magazine, Van Slyke offers helpful insights and advice to those considering becoming wind technicians. He also points out the current trend of students from other fields, as well as many military veterans, who are transitioning into careers in the wind energy industry.

With a background in the Marine Corps, Van Slyke is also one of the many professionals whose military experience helped them succeed as a wind turbine technician.

“From the military, I got trained on all the electrical and hydraulics systems for the planes, which translated well into the career of wind technician because the skills are the same – the electronics, the mechanical, the safety culture that we were in,” says Van Slyke.

Today, Van Slyke uses his extensive experience and expertise to train a new generation of wind technicians at Ecotech Institute, the world’s first and only college focused on careers in renewable energy.

And to those who are still thinking of becoming wind turbine technicians, but are scared of heights, Van Slyke says: “A lot of people use that fear of heights, so don’t let that scare you away.”

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