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3 trends to watch for in the power utility industry

If a fortuneteller looked into a crystal ball to glimpse the future of the power utility industry, he or she would see a future full of progress and changes. A big reason for this is new innovations trying to address the diverse challenges and opportunities in the different regions in the United States. At the same time, the industry needs to balance this with pressures to reduce costs, streamline operations, and meet state and national regulations for security and environmental compliance.

5 questions prospective power utility technician students should ask

The stuff someone is already good at, and enjoys doing, is an important consideration if choosing a power utility technician program. That might seem like a no-brainer, but prospective students should take the time to match up their skills and interests with possible career paths in power utility. For example, those with a knack for problem solving, thinking on their feet and don't have a fear of heights may be interested in working as a lineman.

INDUSTRY WATCH: Three Trends all Electrical Engineering Technicians are Tracking

A career in electrical engineering technology has endless possibilities. It's just like a Choose Your Own Adventure book where the reader gets to make choices and is in charge of their experience. The same goes for electrical engineering technicians since they aren't just limited to one field. Because there are so many paths available to technicians it can be tough to predict specific trends in the field.

What electrical engineering technicians do

Depending on exact duties, EETs can also be called engineering technicians, electronics technicians or instrument and controls technicians.

They are often responsible for identifying issues and finding their solutions.

EMPLOYER INTERVIEW: Peter Luciano, Service Manager, Konecranes Denver

Industrial cranes might seem like large, looming objects straight out of a Transformers movie. But, for the electrical engineering technicians (EET) working at Konecranes, being around this cool, enormous equipment—and making sure it's functioning correctly—is just another day on the job. Konecranes is the overhead crane industry leader and offers a range of lifting solutions. Ecotech Institute had the chance to chat with Peter Luciano, Service Manager for the Konecranes Denver location, to find out what it is like to work at the crane company with the largest service team in the world.

Is an electrical engineering career for you?

The renewable energy movement created a demand for new tools, technologies and equipment to help us use our energy more efficiently. This resulted in a growing need for people to help manage, maintain and repair this new gear. For those who love new challenges every day, working with their hands and solving problems, this can be a cool career that keeps them on their toes. It's just the kind of job perfect for someone who dreads being trapped at a desk all day. Think it's right for you?

How to Tell the Difference Between an Electrical Engineering Technician, an Electrician, and an Electrical Engineer

Some people might think Jell-O, jelly and a Jell-O shot are the same just because of the similarities in their names. There can be similar confusion with jobs or career paths that are closely related or sound alike. Professionals in the field of electrical engineering technology (EET) sometimes come across people who aren't really sure how EET is different from what engineers do. Or what an electrician does.

Q & A: Mark Jaros, Electrical Engineering Technology graduate from Ecotech Institute

Mark Jaros was no stranger to electronics when he first enrolled at Ecotech Institute. For more than eight years, he ran his own home automation systems company. Then he heard the call of renewable energy. He graduated with a degree in electrical engineering technology in 2014, and started working for DeWind, a wind energy company, as a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) wind technician.

Ecotech Institute Offers Job Insights, Advice and Resources in Latest eBook: "Starting A Career in Energy Efficiency"

Free, comprehensive guide gives future energy professionals all the tools necessary for a green career change

Denver, Colo. - April 30, 2015 - Ecotech Institute, the first and only college in the U.S. solely focused on renewable energy jobs and sustainability, today announced the release of a new eBook on how to start a career in energy efficiency. This free, comprehensive guide covers everything from a day in the life of energy project managers, potential salary earnings, required skills, and even insights from the CEO of Essess, a company that uses thermal imaging to assess energy efficiency.

4 jobs in energy efficiency

There's no better time than the present to consider a career in energy efficiency. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy management services have become an increasingly important part of the American economy.

5 home energy wasters

We've talked about the work of energy auditors and how they identify inefficiencies and recommend energy-friendly solutions for homeowners and business owners. But what are some of the biggest energy wasters?

Industry watch: Three Reasons Energy Efficiency Will Rock the World

Energy efficiency has the potential to rock our world - and in a big way. According to the Department of Energy, optimizing energy use can save families hundreds of dollars on their heating and cooling bills in the first year. Collectively, it has reduced the nation's energy bills by more than $2 billion annually.

Using new technologies in energy efficiency. Q&A with Navi Singh

Essess, a software company specializing in thermal imaging, can do just that. They assess (yes, their name is a clever play on words) energy efficiency and use data to tell utility companies which utility customers are leaking heat so they can then tell their customers where exactly the issue is and what fixes are available.

Working in energy efficiency: What's it like? Q&A with Evan Anderson

Evan Anderson is a project manager, architectural consultant and certified passive house consultant for Zola Windows, a custom, high-end, high-efficiency window company out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. His company is well known for its work in the passive house design* community, creating innovative, energy-efficient window models to meet rigorous standards of performance.

Is a renewable energy career for you?

Because careers in energy efficiency are relatively new, you probably wonder if this career field is for you. This eBook is designed to be your complete guide. Want to know how much you'll earn? That's in here.

5 things solar energy technicians know are true

There's no easy way to describe a typical day working in the solar industry, and that's just the way people who have these roles like it. Talk to a solar technician and here's what they'll probably say...

6 trends in wind energy that will blow you away

From basic windmills used to pump water to 1.5 MW mega machines weighing up to 164 tons, the way wind is harvested for energy has made huge improvements in the last century. It's basically the difference between a Ford Model T and a Shelby Mustang. Even better, the wind energy industry is just hitting its stride and there are more exciting things coming soon.

How to start a career in solar energy

The sun. It's a source of light, life and for some, a career. Working in solar energy means not staring at a computer all day, hands-on work, not having the boss constantly looking over your shoulder and solving real problems. Oh, and it's doing something good for the Earth as well. Ever wonder what a typical day is like for someone who works in solar energy? Want to know how much you'll earn? What about where those jobs are? We've got you covered.

Industry watch: 4 big changes for solar

Even though the first solar cell was created in the late 1800s, the solar energy industry is kind of like a 19-year-old. The industry has been going through a lot of changes – some of them pretty awkward – in the past few years and now it's staring down the glory days of its 20s. Wider adoption, lower costs and better technologies are all part of the future of solar energy.

Is a career in solar energy right for you?

Napoleon Dynamite said, "Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills." Solar energy companies are just the same. Lots of people get into solar energy because they can't stand working at a desk all day, they want to be in charge of their own schedule and they want a job that makes a difference. But, without the right skills none of that other stuff can happen. This is what it takes to be in the solar energy industry.

Is a wind energy career right for you?

If the idea of going to work at a traditional desk job sounds boring then it might be time to consider another career option. Lots of people work in wind not only because it gets them outdoors, but also because they find the work challenging and fun. Interested in joining them out there? This is what it takes to be in the wind energy industry.

What's it like to work in wind energy? Q&A with Paul Roamer

Working in wind is no joke. Just ask Paul Roamer, President of Ethos Distributed Solutions, a Colorado-based company that provides services to the solar, wind and telecom industries. Paul shares what it's like to work in wind energy, what he's looking for in new employees, and common mistakes made on the job.

5 things wind energy technicians know are true

There's no easy way to describe a typical day working in the wind industry, and that's just the way people who have these roles like it. Talk to a wind technician and here's what they'll probably say

How to start a career in wind energy

You know that wind you enjoy on a hot summer day? Well it is the oldest source of energy in the world. And guess what? Harnessing this energy is a job that keeps you from being trapped at a desk. Oh, and you'll also feel good knowing you're doing something good for the Earth every day. This e-book is your complete guide to wind power careers. Ever wonder what a typical day is like? We've got you covered. Want to know how much you'll earn? That's in here too. What about where those jobs are? Yep, all that, and more, is in here.

Q&A with Ecotech Institute graduate Lawrence Smith

Our planet doesn't have unlimited resources, but for a long time people acted like it did. Luckily, the renewable energy field is finding ways to make use of sustainable resources. Working in the renewable energy field makes a huge difference for the environment, because these jobs focus on addressing climate change and reversing the resource depletion that has already been done.

4 Rules to Become a Networking Master

Networking. It seems simple enough, walk into a room, shake people’s hands, eat some appetizers and leave, right? For a lot of first-timers it’s not that easy. Picture walking into a room filled with some of the most prominent professionals in renewable energy and sustainability ...

9 Small Changes to Lead a More Sustainable Lifestyle

There are many small things you can do to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. These tips are simple but meaningful and can reduce your environmental footprint. Another advantage? You’ll find that making some of these changes can also lead to other benefits, such as improving your health or helping you save some cash ...

Are You a Sustainability Ninja?

The choices you make every day either help or harm the environment. When you make sustainable choices, you directly help the planet. What are you doing in your daily life to be more sustainable? You might be a sustainability ninja if you ...

Q&A with Solar Roadways founder, Scott Brusaw

You may have heard the buzz around Solar Roadways, a green tech company offering a solution to the increasing energy crisis through solar power. Cofounders, Scott and Julie Brusaw, have received funding from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration and have found supporters around the world, raising over one million dollars through ...

Get in Gear: 3 Interesting Facts about Gearboxes

Our planet does not have unlimited resources, and fortunately, the renewable energy field is finding ways to utilize sustainable resources. Working in the renewable energy field makes a huge difference for the environment, because these jobs focus on addressing climate change and reversing ...

Working in Renewable Energy: What's it Like?

Our planet does not have unlimited resources, and fortunately, the renewable energy field is finding ways to utilize sustainable resources. Working in the renewable energy field makes a huge difference for the environment, because these jobs focus on addressing climate change and reversing ...

Top 10 Green Cities in America - Part 2

Becoming a green city takes significant planning and resourceful development. Last week we released the top five green cities in America, and shared what they have done to become more sustainable. Now we are revealing the next five cities on the list. Read on to find out which ones made the top 10!

Top 10 Green Cities in America - Part 1

Cities across the U.S. are stepping up and designing initiatives and policies to become more sustainable. These green cities serve as models for effectively implementing solutions that address climate change. By executing these initiatives, a city becomes a cleaner and healthier place to live. Another bonus is economic growth, because cities are now focusing more on bringing in green jobs to ...

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