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INDUSTRY WATCH: Three Trends all Electrical Engineering Technicians are Tracking

A career in electrical engineering technology has endless possibilities. It's just like a Choose Your Own Adventure book where the reader gets to make choices and is in charge of their experience. The same goes for electrical engineering technicians since they aren't just limited to one field. Because there are so many paths available to technicians it can be tough to predict specific trends in the field.

What electrical engineering technicians do

Depending on exact duties, EETs can also be called engineering technicians, electronics technicians or instrument and controls technicians.

They are often responsible for identifying issues and finding their solutions.

EMPLOYER INTERVIEW: Peter Luciano, Service Manager, Konecranes Denver

Industrial cranes might seem like large, looming objects straight out of a Transformers movie. But, for the electrical engineering technicians (EET) working at Konecranes, being around this cool, enormous equipment—and making sure it's functioning correctly—is just another day on the job. Konecranes is the overhead crane industry leader and offers a range of lifting solutions. Ecotech Institute had the chance to chat with Peter Luciano, Service Manager for the Konecranes Denver location, to find out what it is like to work at the crane company with the largest service team in the world.

Is an electrical engineering career for you?

The renewable energy movement created a demand for new tools, technologies and equipment to help us use our energy more efficiently. This resulted in a growing need for people to help manage, maintain and repair this new gear. For those who love new challenges every day, working with their hands and solving problems, this can be a cool career that keeps them on their toes. It's just the kind of job perfect for someone who dreads being trapped at a desk all day. Think it's right for you?

How to Tell the Difference Between an Electrical Engineering Technician, an Electrician, and an Electrical Engineer

Some people might think Jell-O, jelly and a Jell-O shot are the same just because of the similarities in their names. There can be similar confusion with jobs or career paths that are closely related or sound alike. Professionals in the field of electrical engineering technology (EET) sometimes come across people who aren't really sure how EET is different from what engineers do. Or what an electrician does.

Q & A: Mark Jaros, Electrical Engineering Technology graduate from Ecotech Institute

Mark Jaros was no stranger to electronics when he first enrolled at Ecotech Institute. For more than eight years, he ran his own home automation systems company. Then he heard the call of renewable energy. He graduated with a degree in electrical engineering technology in 2014, and started working for DeWind, a wind energy company, as a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) wind technician.

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