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Ecotech Institute Offers Job Insights, Advice and Resources in Latest eBook: "Starting A Career in Energy Efficiency"

Free, comprehensive guide gives future energy professionals all the tools necessary for a green career change

Denver, Colo. - April 30, 2015 - Ecotech Institute, the first and only college in the U.S. solely focused on renewable energy jobs and sustainability, today announced the release of a new eBook on how to start a career in energy efficiency. This free, comprehensive guide covers everything from a day in the life of energy project managers, potential salary earnings, required skills, and even insights from the CEO of Essess, a company that uses thermal imaging to assess energy efficiency.

4 jobs in energy efficiency

There's no better time than the present to consider a career in energy efficiency. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy management services have become an increasingly important part of the American economy.

5 home energy wasters

We've talked about the work of energy auditors and how they identify inefficiencies and recommend energy-friendly solutions for homeowners and business owners. But what are some of the biggest energy wasters?

Industry watch: Three Reasons Energy Efficiency Will Rock the World

Energy efficiency has the potential to rock our world - and in a big way. According to the Department of Energy, optimizing energy use can save families hundreds of dollars on their heating and cooling bills in the first year. Collectively, it has reduced the nation's energy bills by more than $2 billion annually.

Using new technologies in energy efficiency. Q&A with Navi Singh

Essess, a software company specializing in thermal imaging, can do just that. They assess (yes, their name is a clever play on words) energy efficiency and use data to tell utility companies which utility customers are leaking heat so they can then tell their customers where exactly the issue is and what fixes are available.

Working in energy efficiency: What's it like? Q&A with Evan Anderson

Evan Anderson is a project manager, architectural consultant and certified passive house consultant for Zola Windows, a custom, high-end, high-efficiency window company out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. His company is well known for its work in the passive house design* community, creating innovative, energy-efficient window models to meet rigorous standards of performance.

Is a renewable energy career for you?

Because careers in energy efficiency are relatively new, you probably wonder if this career field is for you. This eBook is designed to be your complete guide. Want to know how much you'll earn? That's in here.

Should Homeowners Lease or Buy Solar Panels?

There is no doubt that installing solar panels on your home can have a number of benefits. According to a recent article in Forbes, installing solar panels can ...

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