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Noah Gershon - Sunetric, Hawaii

Ecotech Institute Alumnus Noah Gershon

I consider myself very lucky because I love my job. It's engaging, I'm always learning something new, and am getting to use and build upon the skills and knowledge I learned at Ecotech. The classes were so applicable, and contained so much valuable information -- something I couldn't really appreciate until working here!

Brandon Barnes - Wind Tech 2, NextEra Energy Resources

Ecotech Alumnus Brandon Barnes

I remember how much I wanted all of this when in class and feel that others should know how great things can be if you continue to believe in yourself and don't give up. Life has been quite interesting and adventurous since Ecotech. I have travelled a lot for training and have been already promoted from a wind tech 3 to 2 in my first six months. I work in Limon, Colorado, and my job is to troubleshoot turbines and repair them when they are not running. I am just now reaching my first full year at NextEra energy, and I'm doing well for myself and family. I am now investing and just came home from a two week vacation in Sedona Arizona. My plan for the future is to become a tech 1. Once you become tech 1, you can choose any job in the company and do it, like manager or high voltage tech. I really do love my work and get better at it every day!

Michael Armin - Residential PV Installer, SolarCity

I moved out to Phoenix, Arizona last September after I graduated. I love it out here. I had a job lined up right when I got out to Arizona at SolarCity as a residential PV Installer in the Deer Valley office. I love what I do, even if it's 120° out here right now. Just recently the install crew I'm on installed two solar systems in one day, one on comp shingle roof and the other on tile, a total of 52 panels, in 105°+ heat. It's the first time a project of this magnitude has been done at SolarCity. We're on the SolarCity Facebook page also.

Shawn Sanders - Account Executive, Wind Energy Business at Dingo

Ecotech Alumnus Shawn Sanders

After graduating from Ecotech I definitely wanted to work in the wind industry however, I didn't see myself working as a technician. I wanted to work on the business side of the industry. I wanted to use my mind rather than my back to make a living, that's why I chose my current career path.

Cleantech Jobs, Ecotech Alumni

“If you would have told me just two years ago that I’d be living in Hawaii and working for a solar company, I would have thought you were crazy. However, that’s what I’m doing today and I couldn’t be happier.” ~Myers Nguyen, Ecotech Institute Alumnus

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